About Nikki

Nikki Schiro is trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing, as well as other spiritual healing methodologies. She has been working in the therapeutic and healing context in New York City for over 13 years.

Nikki has been a student of Mysticism her entire life. Her studies in energetic and spiritual healing include Advanced Reiki Certification  with Nana Delaplanque and Spiritual Healing for Serious Illness with Ron Young.  

From 2008-2020, Nikki worked with Art in a therapeutic context at the Cancer Center of Roosevelt Hospital/Mount Sinai West Hospital, in NYC.  Here she taught, talked about and made Art with patients and their families while they received chemotherapy, outpatient, inpatient and/or hospice care. Nikki's work transformed patient treatments along with the hospital and hospice experience.

Nikki transformed the hospital's work-environment as well, engaging with the entire oncology health care team--Doctors, NPs, Nurses and Unit Staff--several of which became her very first Reiki clients.

Nikki holds an MFA from Hunter College.




Transmutational Healing  I  Body Mind and Spirit

AZOTH: az·​oth | \ ˈa-ˌzȯth Is believed to be the animating energy (spiritus animatus) of the body, the inspiration and enthusiasm that moves the mind.  It is the mysterious evolutionary force responsible for the drive towards physical and spiritual perfection.

REIKI: Rei·​ki | \ ˈrā-ˌkē  Reiki is an energy healing technique originated by Makao Usui, in Japan. The term comes from the Japanese words “Rei,” meaning universal, and “Ki,” which means vital life force energy (also known as Prana and Qi) that flows through all living things. Reiki is an abundant, gentle spiritual energy and is not tied to any specific religion or nationality. Reiki practitioners use gentle hand movements to guide the flow of vital life force through the client's body to promote physical, mental & spiritual healing and well-being.

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Nikki Schiro

I'm an RN. I give Chemotherapy, I have stress. My body felt like one big knot when I when to Nikki's the 1st time, however after my session I walked out felt light as a feather. Called the next day to make appointment for next week. If you have tension & want it gone see Nikki she has transformed me.

Maureen k.

Nikki is wonderful.  Just walking into her beautiful, peaceful, candlelit space feels like a retreat.  Her lovely and warm manner is so comforting and filled me with trust and confidence.  The entire experience was blissful and lingered for days afterwards.  You must experience the magic for yourself though.

Michelle E.

Nikki's steady presence is reliable, attuned, and compassionate. She was able to support me through great grief and anguish with down-to-earth good humor, and I am so grateful for that. The Reiki pulled me into a present moment where healing could take place - lots of pent-up energy moved through me and transformed. After our session I felt much calmer and lighter and clearer. I highly recommend Nikki's sessions!

Nomi B.

This pandemic has definitely taken a toll on my health. Stress, anxiety and loneliness/isolation have been hard to tolerate for me. But the pandemic has also taught me that I should take care of myself more consistently. Nikki has a gift: the gift of understanding the body's flow of energy. She recommended a package of 3 sessions and I am glad I followed her advice. I am planning to treat myself to a package every season. Results to be expected: deep relaxation, better sleep. I felt more grounded that I ever have.

Laetitia L.


Rates and Packages



               Private Sessions in NYC Office:

                    90 minute Session $175

                    Package of 3 sessions: $500

               Distance Reiki Sessions:         

                    $40 per Session

                     Package of 10 sessions for $375

               Private Sessions in Your Own Home:  

                    90 min  $350